Michell's Music Recommendations

Who am I? I'm Michell Christopher Clark.

I have a passion for all forms of communication, and am a strong believer in the power of creation, as opposed to that of competition. I aim to facilitate a shift from society's narrow, nationalistic view of music and culture to one that encompasses appreciation for art from around the world. In this way, I want to help others think for themselves in a culture plagued by groupthink, and maximize themselves in a way that is true to their own purpose.

I evaluate popular culture through the lens of a sociologist, backed by my Bachelor's of Science Degree from Virginia Commonwealth University in the field. I apply that knowledge to create transformative marketing plans for brands and people; specifically those seeking to positively impact popular culture.

Through synthesis of opposing concepts, such as discipline and spontaneity; academia and pop culture; and wisdom and wit, I take it upon myself to bring you the best of both worlds.

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