Frequently Asked Questions


i'm happy that you have questions for me. maybe i can answer them here.

Sometimes I get the same questions from a lot of people. Below, you'll find some answers to questions that I find myself frequently answering. 


What do you do? Short answer: A lot!

Long answer: Professionally, I am a full time entrepreneur and freelancer.

As a social media coach, I'm here to help you turn your social media presence into a catalyst for your long term success.

As an influencer with SHADE mgmt, I partner with brands to give my audience my perspective as a late 20's D.C.-based millennial with entrepreneurial aspirations, discerning taste in music, dreams of manifesting their six-pack ab dreams, and creative inclinations.

I've been running my music website,, since 2009! I made it while I was a cadet at West Point.

Sometimes I throw some pretty fun, unique brunch parties with my friends in D.C. Sometimes Hennessy bottles get broken at those brunch parties. 

I love to go to music concerts in DC, hit the gym every morning, eat Nando's chicken, and text ridiculous memes to my friends.

I blog about branding, my life struggles, and social media here.


How did you get into such an unorthodox career path? In April 2016, I was told that I'd likely be fired from the job that I had been working at for two years. In July 2016, I chose to leave the company before they could fire me. I painstakingly researched and planned out different ways for me to use my skillset to provide value to others and generate profit for myself. It's an ongoing process. I'm still learning, still excited at the possibilities, and still as focused as I was when I was wondering if I'd be able to pay rent at the end of the month. If you want to learn more, I wrote about my journey from corporate America to entrepreneurial success here. Warning: It gets pretty intense.


Can I pick your brain? I'd love to be able to answer your questions personally. As someone who makes a living based on his expertise, I can't afford to devote time to aimless "pick your brain" phone calls. In order to create a sustainable business model and lifestyle, I have to make sure that I'm compensated for my time and expertise. I offer two social media coaching packages. To learn more about those options, click here. I also have a general appointment option where I can answer whatever questions you may have for me to the best of my ability. For that option, click here.


Who designed your website? I did! I created the current incarnation of using Squarespace. If you want to consult me for a Squarespace website, feel free to drop me a line.


Who created your personal logo and branding? Belise Thomas! She's a New York-based "professional arts and crafter." You can see what she's up to via her Instagram.


What do I have to do to get music posted on Artistic Manifesto? Shoot an email to if you WANT to get your music posted on Understand that the site is not a free-for-all. My writers to post music that they love at their leisure. There is no guarantee. Thank you for understanding!


Can I get your opinion on this album, track, or music video? Listening to music is one of my favorite past times. Getting constant DM's, texts, calls, emails, Facebook messages, and Instagram messages from people who want me to listen to somebody's new single is my least favorite side effect of running a blog. Becoming a full time entrepreneur made me more aware than ever of just how valuable my time is. I do spend a decent amount of time listening to new music. I ask that you send music submissions to only one place: If I don't respond, or don't post your music, don't take it personally. I've come to understand that saying "yes" to one time commitment means that I'm saying "no" to everything else, so I won't always be incredibly responsive. 


How do brand collaborations work? I love to work with brands and companies whose missions fit into my life. I'm currently a signed influencer with SHADE mgmt, and they handle all of my brand partnerships. To reach out to the team, simply drop an email to If you simply want to send me products, reach out via the contact box, but understand that sending me products will not guarantee that I'll share anything on social media