Hey, I'm Michell. If you pronounce my name right the first time, we're automatically friends. I have a passion for discovering amazing displays of creativity and sharing them with the world in unorthodox fashion. When I was four years old, I ran into a fence so hard that I had to get braces for four years - so I'm used to pushing through setbacks and smiling through the pain. My goatee didn't connect until I was 26 years old, because God is doing everything possible to ensure that I stay humble. I overcame my darkest days and discovered my purpose in the process. I'm working to help others do the same.


Digitally, I have an authentic niche social media audience of over 43K. Physically, I've orchestrated a number of successful events in the Washington, D.C. area. I'm Diddy-approved.

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I teach visionaries to use social media as a tool to accomplish their goals, based on 7+ years of experience doing so for myself and others. I blog about it, too.

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I am the founder and Editor In Chief of Artistic Manifesto, a music discovery platform that highlights some of the best music from around the world for the eclectic, selective hip-hop lover.

I'm always listening to new music. Here are a couple tracks that I recommend!

Hear more about my story via my appearance on the Atmosphere podcast!

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