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Hey, I'm Michell.

If you pronounce my name right the first time (Mih-kell), we're automatically friends. I am a Washington, D.C.-based social entrepreneur, cultural curator, and content creator. I exercise the privilege of sharing my gifts with millennials looking to grow their brands, businesses, and overall public image. Quitting my job in 2016 changed my life, and so did Jay-Z's verse on "Shiny Suit Theory." When I was four years old, I ran into a fence so hard that I had to get braces for four years - so I'm used to pushing through setbacks and smiling through the pain. I prioritize growth over comfort every day.  I overcame my darkest days and discovered my purpose in the process. I'm working to help others do the same.

This is my life.

As an Influencer: I make space for 70K+ millennials to show up and show out in the name of hip-hop, entrepreneurism, and personal development.  

As an Expert: I help entrepreneurs, brands, and businesses to create social media plans that ensure long term success on their own terms.

As a Curator: I leverage my personal experiences and taste-making as a vehicle for millennials who seek to challenge the status quo, without apology.  




Come One, Come All


Get You Some.

words from the heart


I wrote you a 33-page e-book that will help you to achieve social media success on your own terms.

The book includes...

1. My personal story of overcoming stagnation and breaking rules en route to finding my own path to success as a social entrepreneur and cultural curator.
2. Five tenets of a mentality that will engineer long term social media success without sacrificing individuality.
3. Six bonus worksheets that will allow you to act immediately on the principles that are outlined as you refine your current strategy.
4. Five business affirmations that will equip you to push past doubts and win on your own terms.

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