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The Let My People GLO letter is a biweekly email newsletter for creatives, entrepreneurs, and hustlers seeking to live their best lives, celebrate each other, and use social media to attract the opportunities they desire.

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Every edition of the #LetMyPeopleGLO letter includes the following elements:

  • A curated assortment of quality content. The internet is full of STUFF. An overwhelming about of stuff. As a perpetual student, enthusiastic curator, and generally curious individual, I find myself frequently looking at a lot of this stuff. I’lll be including an assortment of the most intriguing content I can find for your enjoyment, education, and stimulation.

  • A playlist for eclectic, selective hip-hop lovers. Backstory: I ran a music discovery platform called Artistic Manifesto for almost eight years. My focus was to share the best music I could find with the world. It will always be a passion. These days, I channel my passion for music discovery into creating playlists that tell stories and bridge gaps.

  • A relevant social media tip. Social media can build businesses and transform lives. I’ve seen it happen in my own life, and I’ve seen it happen to others. I believe in the possibilities. I’m a perpetual student. I’ll share some of what I’ve learned through research and experience.

  • An article by yours truly. I will be chronicling lessons I’ve learned, sharing more in depth social media insights, and expressing my perspective within the realms of hip-hop culture, personal development, and social media marketing. You ready to glo?

But what else doe?

When you sign up for the #LetMyPeopleGLO letter, you’ll receive a free copy of 'my 33-page e-book, On Your Own Terms.



1. My personal story of overcoming stagnation and breaking rules en route to finding my own path to success as a social entrepreneur and cultural curator.
2. Five tenets of a mentality that will engineer long term social media success without sacrificing individuality.
3. Six bonus worksheets that will allow you to act immediately on the principles that are outlined as you refine your current strategy.
4. Five business affirmations that will equip you to push past doubts and win on your own terms.

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