Trust the process — after it's been verified.

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Mantras help us because they’re simple. They’re memorable. They’re often open to interpretation, which can be empowering. We can use mantras as we see fit — when motivation wanes or focus is lost — but we can’t solely rely on powerful catchphrases to help us navigate complex processes.

The inadequacy of a mantra can be seen upon examination of how many people attempt to “trust the process” en route to entrepreneurial success. There is no one size fits all to growing a business.

Any set of rules and principles can be deemed “a process,” but how do we know if that process will work for us? How can a business owner know that a process they have yet to execute will yield the results that they desire? How can an entrepreneur sift through conflicting opinions detailed by all of the self-proclaimed experts on the internet? How can someone with limited time and resources remain confident that their efforts aren’t going to waste?

The process needs to be individualized, but the principles upon which the process is built need to be proven. Enter Pulling Profits Out Of A Hat, a business handbook by Brad Sugars and Monte Wyatt that builds upon decades of real world experience to outline five principles that facilitate the creation of sustainable, scalable businesses.

The principles are as follows:


Where do you want to go, and how will you get there? This principle is not product-focused, as individualized products can lose relevance quickly. A business should strive for sustainability, with the understanding that the world is changing more quickly than ever and any individual product could be obsolete within a year.

Business Development:

We are creatures of habit, so it stands to reason that incentivizing a loyal customer base is more sustainable than focusing on profit margins. Over time, focusing on the former will enable loyalty that creates space for the latter.


The efforts of one person can only carry a business so far. Sustainability requires collective effort. Business owners who take the time to effectively develop people will be able to scale their businesses in due time. Business owners who only work individually to develop their businesses won’t be able to keep up.


If they trust you, they’ll come back to you. Your business needs to provide a feeling of familiarity. If your customers know what to expect when interacting with anyone who is part of your business, they’ll be more likely to come back. People need to know that you have everything in order before they become consistent patrons.


Why does your company do what it does? Profit can’t be the only answer. A company that stands the test of time builds an emotional connection with its consumers. How is your company impacting the world?

You’re not going to open this book up and receive an individualized plan that catapults your business to the forefront of your industry. That’s a good thing. There is no such thing a a one-size-fits-all business plan. We can’t pursue the same course of action, but we can utilize the same principles to help us win. Use the principles outlined in Pulling Profits Out Of A Hat to guide you as you chart your own course and purse exponential growth.

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