Why nobody on social media listens to you


You ever feel like your followers don’t support you enough? Wish that you had more customers, clients, or supporters? Do you feel like social media is a popularity game that will never play out in your favor?

Your feelings are valid, but your feelings won’t put you in a position to accomplish your goals.

Creating a strategy that plays to your audience’s needs or wants will.

Empathy - “the ability to understand and share the feelings of another.”

Social media is a gateway to endless opportunities. You can exchange ideas, spark up conversation, and establish authentic connections with people all over the world. 

The problem is, sometimes we get so caught up in using social media as a vehicle to accomplish our goals that we forget a very important fact: the first word in social media is “SOCIAL.” Most people aren’t scrolling their timeline in search of your mixtape, your t-shirt line, or your consultation services.

Generally speaking, people are on social media for social purposes. This may sound like a ‘Captain Obvious’ moment, but it’s often forgotten when business goals come into play. Making people aware of your brand and its purpose isn’t enough. Flooding the timeline with links to whatever you want everyone to click on isn't enough. You have to give people a reason to care.

Are you talking TO your audience, or talking AT them?

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Are you interacting authentically with people on social media, or is your social media presence a repetitive, revolving billboard of advertisements? Social media gives us more opportunities to stay connected with each other than ever before - which means that attention spans are incredibly fickle. There’s always a new post to read, video to watch, or discussion to join. 

If something doesn’t grab your attention in the first few seconds, you’re probably going to just keep scrolling. I mean, you might be ready to stop reading this article at this very moment. If you want your audience to stop scrolling and pay attention when they see your posts, you need to consistently create content with them in mind. Establish a deeper connection with your followers, and it won’t be nearly as much of an uphill battle to maintain their attention.

You have to empathize with your audience’s needs and wants in order to create content that resonates with them.

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Everyone’s social media strategy is going to be different, but empathy has to be a guiding principle. Think about specific value you can provide to attract and maintain the attention of your ideal customer or supporter. This specific value proposition needs to be the foundation of your strategy. Keep your audience’s needs and desires at the forefront of your planning process, and everything else will follow.

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