People are going to unfollow you, and that's okay.


People are going to unfollow you.

On Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat. They’ll unsubscribe from your e-mail lists. They’ll unfriend you on Facebook. They’ll stop texting back. They’ll stop talking to you, and start to talk about you.

They’ll say that you’ve changed.

They’ll laugh at your mistakes.

They’ll find joy in your shortcomings.

They’ll celebrate your discomfort, because the goals you’ve set for yourself make them uncomfortable. They don’t like the way you carry yourself. They’re unhappy with their lives, and don’t want to see anyone else find the happiness, fulfillment, or success that they’ve been afraid to seek.

You’ve called some of these people “friend.” You’ve known some of them for years. You’ve confided in them. Relied on them. Laughed with them. Dreamed with them. Things changed, though. And that’s ok. It feels weird, but it’s ok. 

You can’t please everyone.

No matter what you do in this world, and on the internet, it’s impossible to please everyone. You might as well be true to yourself, surround yourself with people who love your true self, and chase those dreams that have been keeping you up at night.

The expression of your true, evolving self will push people away from you. At the same time, it will attract people who are on a journey similar to yours. It can be a disorienting process. More importantly, it’s worth it.

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