Listen to my 'Return Of The Mack' compilation project with AudioMack

Design by Kyle Goldstine

Design by Kyle Goldstine

Before my goatee connected, before I knew that social media could be the foundation for a career, before I had a blog, before Nelly applied a band aid to his face for the first time, I LOVED to make playlists with all the gems I would discover on the internet.  

Today, it's an honor to join forces with audiomack as a verified curator. My first featured audiomack playlist, Return Of The Mack, is a romantically inclined, 14 track listen that is good for your skin and romantic enough to secure you a "share the spaghetti noodle like Lady and The Tramp" moment with that special someone. ️ 

If you listen to this playlist and you don't find at least one new song that you like, I will personally allow you to scuff one of my white soled shoes in a public forum without retaliation. Just kidding. That's a crime against humanity, and I will fight you. Regardless, these tracks are incredible. If you're an artist or musician and you have yet to get involved with audiomack, I highly recommend getting on board. Early adapters win the game. Thank you to every artist on this playlist for being great. 

Stream Return Of The Mack below. Head over to my music discovery platform, Artistic Manifesto, to learn more about each artist on this playlist.