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Why nobody on social media listens to you

You ever feel like your followers don’t support you enough? Wish that you had more customers, clients, or supporters? Do you feel like social media is a popularity game that will never play out in your favor? Your feelings are valid, but your feelings won’t put you in a position to accomplish your goals. Creating a strategy that plays to your audience’s needs or wants will.

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#OscarsSoWhite creator April Reign (@ReignOfApril) talks networking and sparking change through social media

April Reign has used Twitter to spark a national call for diversity via the #OscarsSoWhite hashtag, meet Black Thought of The Roots, and built an interactive worldwide audience. Read our conversation to pick up April's perspective on networking, sparking change through social media, and much more.

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Xavier Burgin (a.k.a. @XLNB) speaks on storytelling and networking via social media

Xavier Burgin, also known as @XLNB on Twitter, is a graduate of USC's film school who is notorious for long form Twitter stories such as #TinaAndTheGucciFlipFlop. I chopped it up with X to get more insight into his journey as a storyteller, how he's been able to see exponential social media growth, advice for creatives looking to get their thoughts out there, and more.

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5 Things Bodybuilding Can Teach Us About Branding

As I’ve continued to build brands and become a somewhat consistent member of the “morning gym” club, I’ve noticed that there are actually a few key similarities between bodybuilding and social media branding. Both of these processes may seem arduous, uncomfortable, and unattainable without understanding how to prioritize.

Let’s talk about how you are going to beat the odds.

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