The Intent behind the "We Gon Be Alright Brunch" #BeAlrightDC

Hey Everyone!

To say that we're excited about our "We Gon Be Alright Brunch" tomorrow would be an understatement. Washington, D.C. is a perpetually busy city, and we find it particularly important to give people an escape during the heightened hustle and bustle that comes with Inauguration Weekend in the Nation's Capital. The support and positive sentiment surrounding the event is immensely appreciated.

That being said, we want to ensure that the narrative behind our intentions for #BeAlrightDC is not misconstrued or shifted during turbulent times such as this. We think it's important to give insight and clarity into exactly what we're setting out to accomplish. 

This event is centered around peace, and love. We are aware of the frustration, fear, disappointment, anger, and pessimism that many feel towards the election of this President in particular. We empathize deeply with those sentiments. That being said, #BeAlrightDC is not politically inclined. It's a celebration of love.

We're requesting that everyone wear black to #BeAlrightDC as a symbol of solidarity. Do not associate this request with any other group of people wearing all black for other purposes. We will not tolerate those who enter into or congregate around Prospect DC with any intent to agitate others, initiate conflict, or spread any negative messages. We do not condone any destruction of property, violent verbiage/actions, or threatening behavior from attendees. 

That being said, we're excited for tomorrow. We'll see you at the door!

Peace and Love,

Britt Wright and Michell C. Clark

P.S. If you have any more questions about the event, please refer to BEALRIGHTBRUNCH.COM. If additional questions remain unanswered, please reach out to us via our respective Twitter handles (linked above) and we will respond as soon as possible.