Just because they tweeted that, doesn't mean it's true.

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Context is critical. A valuable insight taken from a credible source can easily be turned into garbage when the intent of the original message is lost.

I’ve done my fair share of scrolling timelines over the years, and I’ve seen a few different mantras used repeatedly to support thought processes that seem destructive, limiting, or harmful. I decided to pick a few of them and expand on the reasons I disagree with their use.

These are not absolute truths. These are my hot takes. Take my thoughts with a grain of salt and the appropriate degree of skepticism, just like those of anybody else who has a Wi-fi connection and an opinion.

"Letting things flow can be a great way to maintain momentum, but heading in a new direction requires more decisive navigation."

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1. “Nobody cares, work harder”

Nah. People DO care. People are watching. Your life, goals, and dreams DO matter.

You might not have an audience as big or as engaged as you'd like to. Maybe you lack the consistent client base that you need. That doesn't mean that you're invisible to the world. The audience that you have in the present is still an audience. The people you're connected to in real life still matter. As you continue to dedicate yourself to your craft, tell your story, and refine your strategy, some of the people who are already watching will see fit to share bits and pieces of your story with others. You don't need to deprive yourself of feeling like you matter in the present in order to push for bigger opportunities in the future. 


2. “If you continue to do the best work in your field, people will find you.”

Nah. This is the era of the internet, where barriers to entry are lower than ever and everyone believes that they’re exceptional.

If your only concern is being as good at your craft as possible, then simply focus on that every day. If you have any goals in relation to how the world consumes what you create, then it's your responsibility to devote attention to that process. You have to love the culture that you're seeking to impact. You have to care about the people whose attention you're working to earn. You have to devote significant thought to understanding the dynamics of the groups you're seeking to reach. You can't ignore what's happening in the world and emerge as a voice fit to lead part of it.


3. “Don’t force things. Let it flow. What is meant to be will be.”

Nah. Simply letting things flow is a great way to ensure that you stay right on the path that you’re currently on.

Letting things flow can be a great way to maintain momentum, but heading in a new direction requires more decisive navigation. It's a good look to be flexible with your methods en route to achieving your goals, but that doesn't mean accepting whatever happens as how things have to be. Every single day, we make thousands of conscious decisions. Some big, some small. Some of those choices are totally inconsequential, and won't matter in an hour. Some of these choices are on the other end of the spectrum, weighing us down because of how important we perceive them to be. The rest of these choices lie somewhere in between these two ends of the spectrum. The way we flow through and react to the options presented by these choices play a huge part in determining what is meant to be.


4. “Know your role.”

Nah. Examine your passions, gifts, and experiences and create your own role. Change that role as you grow.

Nobody knows their role when they start. We all grow into our calling. We push past perceived limitations, learn from failures, and carve out our own place in the world. This is a constant process. There's no point where we have to stop and say, "I've arrived now." There are no particular metrics for finding your best fit outside of the ones that you determine for yourself. Anyone who feels a need to pressure you into staying put where you are is a hindrance to your growth. Chances are, they're telling you to know your role due to the limitations they continue to place on themself, or due to a self-serving desire to keep you in a certain position. Remind yourself that no one can determine your worth or categorize your work unless you allow them to.

"You can't ignore what's happening in the world and emerge as a voice fit to lead part of it."

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5. “Team No Sleep!”

Nah. Get that sleep, rest, and relaxation that your brain needs to function to the best of its ability.

Sacrifices are a requirement if you're choosing to chase your passions, but you have to make sure that the sacrifices are propelling you towards your goals. Consistently depriving yourself of sleep and attempting to "rise n grind" with a brain that can't function optimally is not a sacrifice that will propel you towards your goals. Many of us have to sacrifice sleep due to life circumstances such as work and family, but no bonus points are being handed out for voluntarily depriving yourself of basic human needs.

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