You understand that social  media can help you to change your life forever. 

You're tired of feeling like your business or brand isn't getting the attention it deserves. You're willing to do the work, but you don't know how to direct your efforts. You believe in yourself, but you're not sure how to make everyone else feel the same way. You understand that a strong digital presence will allow you to increase brand awareness and/or attract more clients. You wish that you could build a strong presence for yourself.

What if you could....

Stop wondering if your social media presence will attract the right opportunities?

Work with precision to break down to resolve the issues holding you back?

Confidently and consistently make progress towards your big picture goals?

YOU CAN. You can build the social media presence that you need to achieve your long term, big picture goals.

It won't be easy or instant, but it's doable, and it's worth it. Let's work together and make it happen.

Who am I? I'm Michell. I help brands and entrepreneurs to position themselves for longterm success through thorough, value-focused social media planning.

Why should you work with me? Because I've learned enough from my failures to help people achieve success more quickly than I have thus far. Because I'm only teaching the things that I know will get you results. Because I'm not here to just tell you things you could have googled yourself - I'm focused on making a plan that you believe in enough to execute to the best of your ability. I've been building my online presence for 8+ years, and making a full time living off of it for over a year. I'm ready to help you achieve your goals on your own terms.

I'm here to help you minimize the stress and confusion that comes with building a business in the digital era. I want you to feel increasingly confident as you learn how to provide value to your audience and continuously attract the opportunities that align with your purpose. I believe that anyone can be extraordinary if they have the knowledge and discipline to execute the right plan. I'm excited to be your coach throughout this process!

It's time for you to transition from dreaming about success to planning for it.


You don't want the structure and process of a coaching package, but you want time to ask me specific questions and get advice about your brand or business. Maybe you want some constructive critiques, or more insight about how I overcame specific problems as my business developed. This is for you. I will look at your social media profiles beforehand and be prepared to answer whatever questions you bring to the table.



Purchase this package if you want to work with me to create a plan that will facilitate your brand or business's success across multiple social media platforms.

Structure: Two 30 minute phone calls.

You have specific goals for your social media presence, but feel uncertain about the best way to achieve them. You have a vision for your business, and you know that social media can help you bring this vision to fruition. You're excited to build your social media brand, but you're feeling uncertain about exactly how to plan for it. Indecision and confusion are holding you back.

If this sounds familiar, the Jump Start package is for you. We will clearly define goals for your social media presence based on your goals, get an accurate picture of your social media performance in the present, and lay out clear, time-sensitive steps to tangibly improve it.


  • A written summary of our discussion points from each coaching call, to be sent within two business days of each call's conclusion.

  • A personalized list of time-sensitive action items that will facilitate the accomplishment of your goals.

  • A personalized social media audit spreadsheet that equips you to assess your social media progress in relation to the goals we've set. To be sent within 5 business days of program conclusion.




Purchase this package if you want to work with me to create and implement the foundation for your brand or business's success across multiple social media platforms.

Structure: Three 60 minute phone calls.

You’ve put a great deal of thought into planning your brand's growth, but have yet to achieve the results that you’re seeking. You feel that you’re fairly knowledgeable about social media, but wish that you had more clarity about how to take your platform to the next level. If this sounds familiar, the Comprehensive package is for you.

We will thoroughly break down your brand’s needs, assess your current progress, and rebuild your social media plan to maximize your impact. If you’re not ready to dig in, change your habits, and do the work required to elevate your brand, this package is not for you. If you are ready to work, the Comprehensive Package will equip and prepare you to achieve the consistent, measurable growth that's been eluding you thus far.


  • A written summary of our discussion points from each coaching call, to be sent within two business days of each call's conclusion

  • A personalized action plan expanding upon all of the recommendations I've made will be sent to you within 5 business days of your final coaching call. The report will include recommended resources for information, execution, and accountability in regards to every recommendation I've made.

  • A social media audit spreadsheet that equips you to assess your social media progress in relation to the goals we've set. To be sent within 5 business days of program conclusion.

  • A one-week calendar of social media posts you can make based on your goals and brand identity that incorporates every social media platform you actively use.



"I recommend Michell as a consultant to anyone looking to build a purpose driven brand. He has experience creating an effective brand presence for himself and his projects. He understands that developing a brand is more than just nice colors and a catchy tagline.

Michell has the know-how to recommend the content creation strategies that will make your brand memorable to anyone who comes across your materials both online and offline." 

Alexia Clincy | Owner, Capitalize Social

"Michell has a great understanding of how to be authentic within a business environment. The principles he employs can be implemented in different types of ventures.

Our conversations have a very natural feel that center around using current events and leveraging pop culture to enlighten people. Michell is very receptive to various perspectives, making for very productive conversations."

Rob Boyd | Financial Strategist

"Michell's strategies educated me on trends and strategies used across multiple social media platforms and made me more aware of how I can more efficiently target my audience. The written consultation was thorough and insightful. 

Rather than dictating conversations, Michell asks questions that make you think outside of your own box, at times throwing in his perspective, but in a manner where it's not force fed and is conducive to critical creative thinking that improves branding strategy.

Erikka J |  MTV & BET-featured recording artist  

"Michell took charge of developing a unique social media strategy that was thoroughly tailored to accommodate my needs as a Virginia State Delegate. The strategy focused extensively on my need to interact with my constituency.

Michell was proactive and knowledgeable, incorporating different approaches for each social media platform to ensure that my content was consistently effective."

Luke E. Torian | Virginia State Delegate

"Michell provided me with the framework to establish a digital presence that has allowed me to continuously build my fan base and increase consumer loyalty. He is an excellent communicator and understands how to send the right message without coming across the wrong way.

Michell helped me to create a huge buzz that led to millions of digital streams and me being able to tour internationally. I was able to do all of this without sacrificing my authentic persona as an artist or damaging my integrity in the process."

Masego | Recording Artist

Frequently Asked Questions:

What happens if I purchase this package and I don't get the results that I need? 

Results are important. You're investing in me as a coach because you want RESULTS. If you're not satisfied with our consultation at the conclusion of our formal instruction time together, we will schedule a 20 minute follow-up call to discuss a personalized course of action to ensure satisfaction.


What happens if I have more questions after my coaching consultation is completed? 

I understand that this is an ongoing process. If you have quick questions that I can help with, tweet me or email me! If you purchased a Comprehensive Package, you're in luck, as it includes two additional follow-up calls. If you initially purchased the Jump Start Package, but decide that you want to go in-depth, you can simply pay the difference ($200) between the two courses to sign up.


I'm interested in being coached by Michell, but can't afford the investment right now. What should I do?

I offer a payment plan for Comprehensive Packages!


I'm unsure of which package is the best one for my situation. Can Michell help me figure out which option is best for me?

I'm happy that you want to work with me. I don't take my coaching lightly, and I want to help you in the best way possible, given your situation. If you're considering hiring me as a coach, send me an email with any questions you have!

"Choose to invest in yourself today."

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