You're ready to do whatever it takes to elevate your social media presence, but need help creating and executing the plan you need.

You're not new to this. You've put a great deal into planning how you want to use social media to boost your business. The prospect of continuously gaining more business and visibility is exciting, so you're happy to put in the effort that it takes to make it happen. The problem is, you're disheartened because you're not seeing the results that you want to see.

Stop letting subpar results discourage you. Make some changes, instead.

Your time is valuable, and you can't afford to waste time on methods that just aren't working for you. The Comprehensive Package, which consists of three 60 minute calls, is here to specifically identify the problems that are holding you back from building the social media platform you need. It will help you to create specific, achievable, time sensitive goals for your social media growth, and it will guide you in the creation of an action plan that will enable you to achieve those goals.


After our time together, you will be equipped to:

  • Define the purpose and mission of each social media platform that you use.
  • Utilize your social media accounts as a vehicle to to provide utility to others.
  • Seamlessly communicate your purpose via social media.
  • Ensure that every single facet of each social media account you use will attract the audience you need.
  • Facilitate and develop mutually beneficial business relationships via social media.
  • Use social media as a foundation to build scalable, purposeful monetization streams within your purpose.
  • Evaluate the success of each social media platform on a monthly basis, using metrics specific to each platform.
  • Determine criteria for adding new social media accounts as your brand continues to grow.

You will receive the following via Google Drive before the call:

  • A personalized course workbook that focuses on accurately defining your problems, setting realistic and measurable goals, and creating an action plan to achieve those goals. This workbook was specifically designed with your situation in mind! It will allow you to document all of our calls efficiently, and to direct your research and continued work.

  • A Social Media Audit spreadsheet that equips you to conduct thorough social media audits as you see fit.

You will receive the following via Google Drive after the call:

  • A personalized “moving forward” plan with time sensitive goals that outlines the steps you must take to achieve your goals.


  • A Social Media Audit that we conduct together, to be scheduled within three months of your package's conclusion, along with the tools needed to conduct future social media audits whenever you see fit. Your Social Media Audit will allow you to assess the effectiveness of your strategy on every social media platform that you use.
  • Two additional 15 minute check in calls, to be scheduled within three months of your package's conclusion. These phone calls can be used to answer any questions that have come up since we last spoke, to talk about next steps, and to evaluate the execution of the plan we've created.


How Does It Work?

1. Define Your Problem: Our first session is about getting to the root of what's holding you back. There are specific reasons that you chose to work with me. You didn't just decide to invest in coaching because everything is going the way you want it to. We're going to dig into the root causes of what's holding you back in order to get a clear picture of how to move forward.

2. Get Specific: Every person has a different situation. Every person needs a different social media plan. On our second call, we're going to dig into the reality of your situation, your resources, your personal strengths, your schedule, and everything that we'll need to address in order to ensure that YOUR social media plan is the right plan for YOU.

3. Craft Your Plan: After gaining a thorough understanding of your problem and understanding the specifics of your situation, we'll work to create the Social Media Action Plan that will allow you to effectively achieve your long term goals. In order to do so, we'll create more short term goals - daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly goals. We'll get down to the details of how you'll achieve these goals, and discuss different systems you can use to hold yourself accountable and track progress.

Original price: $497

Who am I? I'm Michell. I help brands and entrepreneurs to position themselves for longterm success through thorough, value-focused social media planning.

Why should you work with me? Because I've learned enough from my failures to help people achieve success more quickly than I have thus far. Because I'm only teaching the things that I know will get you results. Because I'm not here to just tell you things you could have googled yourself - I'm focused on making a plan that you believe in enough to execute to the best of your ability. I've been building my online presence for 8+ years, and making a full time living off of it for over a year. I'm ready to help you achieve your goals on your own terms.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What happens if I purchase this package and I don't get the results that I need? 

Results are important. You're investing in me as a coach because you want RESULTS. If you're not satisfied with our consultation at the conclusion of our formal instruction time together, we will schedule a 20 minute follow-up call to discuss a personalized course of action to ensure satisfaction.


What happens if I have more questions after my coaching consultation is completed? 

I understand that this is an ongoing process. If you have quick questions that I can help with, tweet me or email me! If you purchased a Comprehensive Package, you're in luck, as it includes two additional follow-up calls. If you initially purchased the Jump Start Package, but decide that you want to go in-depth, you can simply pay the difference ($200) between the two courses to sign up.


I'm interested in being coached by Michell, but can't afford the investment right now. What should I do?

I offer a payment plan for Comprehensive Packages! Additionally, consider an "ask me anything package," which is my most affordable option!


I'm unsure of which package is the best one for my situation. Can Michell help me figure out which option is best for me?

I'm happy that you want to work with me. I don't take my coaching lightly, and I want to help you in the best way possible, given your situation. If you're considering hiring me as a coach, send me an email with any questions you have!

You ready to get started?

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"Michell is a relatable, knowledgeable, empathetic teacher who leads by example. He takes initiative with his clients, focusing on results over time. He doesn't just check the box and clock the hours. I recommend Michell to anyone willing to put in the work to take their social media presence to the next level."

Jacques H. Bastien | Owner, Boogie Marketing

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