‘Keep It 100: daily affirmations for millennials who are tired of being called millennials’ is here.


This is my often sarcastic, periodically hilarious take on daily affirmations written from the perspective of a well-intentioned, occasionally fed up W.W.A. (writer wit an attitude). It officially released on October 16th via 13th & Joan. It’s the summation of a thought process that has motivated and molded me during the two year period of active learning, aggressive self-actualization and paralyzing uncertainties that have come in the wake of my departure from corporate America. I’ve been a writer for almost my whole life, but Momma, I’m an author now.

Who Am I?

I’m Michell C. Clark. You probably knew that, because you’re literally at michellcclark.com. I’m also a clean shape-up having, blue text bubble-sending, 29 year old Black man who has been writing and reading since the days when his bedtime came before Jeopardy. Two-time Spelling Bee champion, Henderson Elementary. Ask about me. Getting expelled from school and nearly fired from my one and only day job were two of the best things to ever happen to me. I believe that deadlifts are a form of therapy. When I have kids I’ll use Kaytranada’s 99.9% album to wake them up for chores every Saturday morning. Old Fashioneds are my go-to, but a good Moscow Mule comes in at a close second. I also hate rewriting my biography.

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want to preview the book?

You might be thinking to yourself, “all of this sounds good, but… how do I know this is actually worth my hard-earned COINS?”

I feel you. That’s why I’m offering you a mini-preview. Peep two randomly selected affirmations below. Ninety eight more of these waiting for you on the other side.



“This book took me back to 2015 when I was trying to get my head clear. It’s simple yet profound principles like this that helped me break through and get where I am today. Dope job with this Michell, I think this will help aspiring creatives especially. Has the right touch of humor, too.”

-Masego, musician


“As I sit on the bare floor of my new apartment with just an air mattress and a dream, I am grateful to read the words in Michell’s book. God answers your prayers through people. Michell is a prayer answered for a friend of wisdom - a divine vulnerability that softly breaks through the surface with comedic blows. His words in the book are relatable, sweet but not sugar-coated truths that make sense of the overwhelming plights of a young intellectual creative. Thank you for existing, being a voice, writing your Instagram captions, and taking the challenge to be yourself in this world.”

-Olivia Jade Khoury, writer

“When I read the dedication and saw: “to everyone who’s heard Fatman Scoop say ‘you got a $20 bill, put your hands up’ and couldn’t put their hands up…” I knew this book would speak directly to my spirit. Being an entrepreneur, you deal with constant pressure. I suffer from anxiety and self-doubt at times. I’m human. And reading this book during those low moments has been a revelation for me - inspiration in bite-sized nuggets that are relatable, encouraging, and often times hilarious.”

-Everette Taylor, Jr., entrepreneur

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Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I reach out to Michell about an interview, event, pitch, sponsorship opportunity, etc?

Feel free to drop me a line via my contact box and I will respond as soon as possible!

What does the phrase ‘Keep It 100’ mean?

  • “Keep It 100” as a reminder to always stay authentic and true to your values.

  • “Keep It 100” because I chose 100 affirmations that I’ve written, many of which originally gained popularity on social media, to include in this book.

  • Keep It 100” because I wrote 100 additional words for every single affirmation for contextual/comedic purposes.

Are millennials really tired of being called millennials?

YES. Well, I am. It’s not necessarily the term itself, but the nature of the conversations that occur through its usage. Have you seen all the articles talking about how millennials “killed” everything from the mayonnaise industry to chivalry to democracy? I’m not making this up. Google it.

Do I have to be a millennial to purchase/read/appreciate this book?

Nah. Many millennials learned about the world through a public school curriculum that draws from writing that is decades or centuries old. In that same token, people from other generations can learn from the thought processes and perspectives of people between the ages of 16 to 36 year olds. Yes, by definition, millennials range from those born in the early 1980’s to 2000’s. We’re not all teenagers :)

Why is this page so black and white-ish?

Because I felt like it. Let me rock.