I’m here to help you build the mental framework and practices that will fuel long term digital media success.

Algorithms come and go. “Best practices” that work today will be ineffective within 18 months. Learning social media tips and tricks will give you a competitive edge, but building systems and processes that position you to consistently absorb relevant content and information, learn from relevant real life case studies, listen to the audience you seek, and resonate across multiple platforms will position you to be impactful for years to come.

Let’s outline the framework for your social media success. Sign up for an initial consultation today.


During our initial 60 minute initial consultation, we will:

  • Establish and clarify measurable, time-sensitive goals for your social media presence.

  • Evaluate the thought process that drives your current social media habits and content consumption.

  • Collaboratively create manageable daily and weekly checklists to facilitate progress towards your goals.

  • Discuss any additional consultative or coaching needs.



Want to skip the initial consultation and discuss a custom program that fits your specific needs?

Sign up for a strategic goal-setting session, in which we will explore and clearly define the steps necessary to manifest the vision you have for your social media presence.

The initial investment for this appointment will count as a deposit towards pricing for the long term programming that we agree upon.


More About Me:

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I’m Michell. I’ve been intentionally building brands for myself and others since 2009. I’ve been able to leverage my digital audience of over 100K to acquire a publishing deal for my first print book, sell out numerous brunch parties, and launch a plethora of income streams. Yes, I use plethora in real life.

I’ve executed digital campaigns with Grey Goose, Cricket Wireless, 3 Musketeers, Marriott Hotels, Bevel, and many more. I had no idea what I was doing when I get started, but my mindset helped me to find my way and take control. I’m here to help you build and leverage your social media presence to secure long term, real life wins. I’m here to help you avoid some of the mistakes that held me back as I learned how to maneuver. Let’s get to it.



"I recommend Michell as a consultant to anyone looking to build a purpose driven brand. He has experience creating an effective brand presence for himself and his projects. He understands that developing a brand is more than just nice colors and a catchy tagline.

Michell has the know-how to recommend the content creation strategies that will make your brand memorable to anyone who comes across your materials both online and offline." 

Alexia Clincy - owner, Capitalize Social

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"Michell provided me with the framework to establish a digital presence that has allowed me to continuously build my fan base and increase consumer loyalty. He is an excellent communicator and understands how to send the right message without coming across the wrong way.

Michell helped me to create a huge buzz that led to millions of digital streams and me being able to tour internationally. I was able to do all of this without sacrificing my authentic persona as an artist or damaging my integrity in the process."

Masego - Recording Artist

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"Michell took charge of developing a unique social media strategy that was thoroughly tailored to accommodate my needs as a Virginia State Delegate. The strategy focused extensively on my need to interact with my constituency.

Michell was proactive and knowledgeable, incorporating different approaches for each social media platform to ensure that my content was consistently effective."

Luke E. Torian - Virginia State Delegate

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"Michell has a great understanding of how to be authentic within a business environment. The principles he employs can be implemented in different types of ventures.

Our conversations have a very natural feel that center around using current events and leveraging pop culture to enlighten people. Michell is very receptive to various perspectives, making for very productive conversations."

Rob Boyd - Financial Strategist

Frequently Asked Questions:

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